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Nod + Dream Pillow Mist

Nod + Dream Pillow Mist

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Use me when: Your mind hasn’t quite got the memo that the rest of you is ready to sleep!

Because even the best sleepers among us have those nights where drifting off seems impossible. Our Pillow Mist has been lovingly created with 100% pure essential oils known to promote calm, reduce anxiety and create a feeling of restfulness.

Pairs well with: Fresh linen and a good bedtime routine (keep an eye out for our upcoming blog on sleep for more details)

Smells like: A long stroll through a Lavender field!

Contains: Lavender, Clary Sage, Bergamot, Chamomile and Geranium

Care and Use: Always read the safety label attached to the product. Due the natural composition of the Pillow Mist, keep away from heat sources and direct sunlight. Always test on an inconspicuous patch of linen prior to first proper use. We’d highly recommend that pregnant women (Clary Sage content) and parents wishing to use for children consult their doctor prior to using.

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