hello, hola, bonjour!

Warmest of welcomes to MALA Home Fragrance; the home fragrance company with a conscience. Where it’s just not about creating a product, it’s about providing daily ‘MALA moments’ in a world where everything happens at pace and ‘me time’ is a coveted luxury. 

At MALA we live and breath the power of fragrance and are fascinated by our (and your!) complex olfactory systems. In addition to instantly taking us on trips down memory lane, smell can also influence our moods and even effect our work performance. It’s our deep rooted interest in the power of fragrance that lead us to begin our journey to what is now MALA.


We hate elevator pitches - we're no good at keeping things to 20 words but we'll try to keep this short for you!

We're Maureen and Lauren. A mother-daughter team with a passion for fragrance. Having spent decades working for one of the world's largest cosmetic/fragrance houses, Maureen has an eye for detail, a nose for notes and a distinct passion for all things scented and as it turns out, growing up surrounded by luxury perfumes led Lauren to develop the same traits and an identical love for all things fragrance. 

We have Maureen's twin (aka Aunty Teresa) to thank for MALA. In 2015 we were both introduced to wax melts as Christmas gifts and from the first burns we were hooked.

Conscious fragrance for conscious homes 

In 2018 Lauren made the switch to a cruelty-free product home and it proved a challenge to find home fragrance. When those with a smidge of creative flair can't find what they're looking for they make it themselves! So with our combined love for fragrance, a passion for sustainability and an unwavering belief in the unnecessity of animal testing, MALA was born. We decided to shake things up and make our own little mark in the world of home fragrance; providing superior quality artisan products with a completely cruelty free catalogue, an eco-conscious approach to packaging and a brand where ethical practices and a clear conscience make up the very foundations on which we grow.

With 'doing good' at the heart of what we do we are loudly and proudly part of The 1% Pledge. With all that we do it's all about the little details making the big difference.