Reed Diffuser Tips + Tricks

  • We have tested all types and amount of reeds to bring you beautiful smelling, well-performing Reed Diffusers. Our extensive tests have shown that 7 MALA reeds is the perfect amount for MALA diffusers. For a stronger scent (with slightly less longevity) use all 8 reeds provided.
  • Flip your reeds on Day 2 followed by weekly to get the best from your diffuser. Reed diffusers perform best when in a warm environment (17+) and when placed in areas with good air flow.
  • Never place a reed diffuser in an area with moisture or humidity in the air (such as kitchens prone to repeated steam/poor ventilation and bathrooms). By their nature reeds are absorbent and will absorb moisture in the air. This will cause reeds to 'clog' meaning that they will not be able to sufficiently absorb the diffuser oil and fulfill their purpose. Should you think that your reeds are clogged simply replace with a fresh batch available here.