Wax Melt Tips + Tricks

Our wax melts are designed to perform in both tealight and electric wax warmers. We recommend tea light burners due to the superior scent throw offered, however should your personal preference be for an electric warmer, the bulb should be a minimum of 20watts.


Place one piece of wax from your oval bar (or one MALA disc) into the well of a suitable tealight warmer and light one unscented tealight and place underneath. Scented tealights burn at a hotter temperature than unscented. They can cause poor longevity through rapid fragrance dissipation and can also present a fire and/or damage risk when used in a burner. Appropriate tealight sizes are provided in product descriptions for all MALA wax burners. 
Wax melts are designed to slowly release fragrance (in tealight burners our wax melts provide scent for 10-12 hours per piece). Some scents are naturally more subtle than others and some scents last signficantly longer than others. Use your wax melt until you can no longer smell the fragrance. Unlike candle wax, wax melts won't oxidise and the wax will remain in the burner even when the fragrance has fully dissipated. Once you are ready for a new scent there are a few ways to remove the used wax from the burner.


OPTION ONE | Once you can no longer smell your wax melt simply extinguish the tealight and soak up the molten wax with a cotton ball or tissue. Save them for the fire (winter) or firepit (summer).
OPTION TWO | Allow the wax to harden. When you next wish to use your burner place a tealight underneath and warm the used wax for 60 seconds. The wax should release easily with a gentle push. If there is still resistance after 60 seconds, allow another 30 seconds. Slide the wax melt out, wipe away any residue and replace with a fresh piece of wax from your oval bar or a MALA disc. NOTE: Immediately replace old wax with new otherwise the tealight could scorch your empty wax well.